11193316_10100597263417325_527849696434874203_nI’m Mike Kendrick, an illustrator, writer, and creator from Edmonton, Alberta.

That might seem like an eclectic combination, but I’ve been simultaneously¬†creating pictures and words and successfully mashing them together for years now, and so far, it’s worked out alright.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Alberta in 2011. By day, I’m a writer for the University of Alberta, while I moonlight as a freelance illustrator. It’s a living. A pretty good one, if you ask me.

My work is driven by curiosity, whimsy, and the pursuit of excellent food and drink. I love to tell stories. I love to craft narratives. I love to draw pictures that are wonderful and weird and sometimes dumb. Some would call me a jokes enthusiast.

Want to work with me? Rad! Why not head over to my Contact page and send me a note?